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The Sober House Project is a quiet revolution socializing sobriety, and you are invited to join the conversation. Talk to your family members about their experiences with alcohol. Who in your family is walking the sober way? Who are the elders in your family/community who remember what life was like before alcohol came to the community? If you have family members walking in a sober way, invite them to display a Sober House sign. You can download our sign or make your own.

People everywhere are standing up and saying, "I AM PROUD TO BE SOBER". If you are one of these people, we invite you to post a Sober House sign on your door, or in your window. A Sober House sign means "no drinking here". It means alcohol is not welcome in your home and intoxicated people are not welcome in your home. In a Sober House, there is no drinking and no pressure to drink.

The Sober House and the Sober Community

"If you have a sober house, if you are one of the 35 per cent of our people who never use alcohol, you put a Sober House sign on your door and people will know that you welcome sober people to come and join you. For a person in your community who suddenly finds herself alone, friendless, and maybe even cut out of her own family, your sober house might be her only refuge.

A safe place, a cup of tea, someone to talk to, someone who understands: the experience of what a healthy life and a healthy home look like would be, for many of our relatives, something superior to any treatment centre.

My dream is that instead of sending our people away for treatment, we turn our communities into treatment centres."  Harold R. Johnson FIREWATER: How Alcohol is Killing My People (and Yours)

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